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Landings, corridors and general association areas can need high levels of illumination during  the day, which may not be required at night. Daylight harvesting, separate switching of luminaires, dimming or presence detection can be used to reduce energy usage.

If, due to the age of a custodial installation, lighting controls cannot be used then upgrading to LED lighting can instantly save energy. Custodial luminaires with a removable internal gear tray enable quick and
simple technology upgrades, without the expense and inconvenience of replacing an entire light fitting.

In a custodial environment moving prisoners to other locations, so that building work can be undertaken, can be a logistical nightmare. By quickly and simply upgrading existing luminaires to LED, utilising replacement gear trays, the installed lighting will use less energy and run for longer – reducing ongoing maintenance.

Association areas are usually supervised. However luminaires with high IK and IP ratings prevent physical attack or the luminaire being used as a weapon. “Low flicker” is also an important requirement as it is likely CCTV will be used in these areas.

Technical Support

In association areas, just as with other custodial applications, lighting must be physically robust, tamper resistant and built in such a way that items cannot be hidden within them. As a minimum, we would recommend an IP rating of IP54. Lighting needs to be of good uniformity and a minimum of 200 lux. When illuminating stairwells, consideration should be given to contrast between adjacent areas and surfaces.

As prisoners can congregate together in areas such as walkways, landings and stairs it is a requirement that fixtures are not capable of being used as weapons. Lighting should be securely mounted to the wall,
and tamper proof screws incorporated to prevent prisoners from exposing live parts.

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