Quadrant S12 is a specialised bulkhead fitting designed for subsurface rail applications.
  • Designed in accordance with fire precautions for subsurface rail stations (Section 12)
  • Complies with London Underground subsurface standard S1085 utilising low smoke, zero halogen cables and control gear.
  • Impact resistance rating: IK08 (5 joules of energy).
  • Ingress protection rating: IP54.
  • Suitable for surface wall or ceiling mounting.
  • Zinc coated steel body finished in black polyester powder coat.
  • Lead crystal opal glass diffuser held against gasket by tamperproof screws.
  • Electronic DALI control gear on removal tray with fused plug & socket connector block.

Technical Information

L254mm x W254mm x H95mm
LED, Opal Glass Diffuser Temp Load Lum/lm Efficacy CRI Weight
DQ/800NW/B/S12X/DALI 4000K 7.6W 714 lm 94lm/W CRI>80 3.6kg
DQ/1100NW/B/S12X/DALI 4000K 10.6W 1002 lm 94lm/W CRI>80 3.6kg
DQ/1400NW/B/S12X/DALI 4000K 15.7W 1428 lm 91lm/W CRI>80 3.6kg
DQ/1900NW/B/S12X/DALI 4000K 22.1W 1962 lm 89lm/W CRI>80 3.6kg
Emergency Output 4000K  – 312 lm  –  –  –

Quadrant S12 contains a light source of energy efficiency class D.

Quadrant S12 LED Lifetime L70B10>110,000h at 25oC ambient.

Quadrant S12 Driver Lifetime up to 100,000h at 25oC ambient.

Fitting Options


Textured white finish replace B with W
Titanium finish replace B with C49
Integral 3 hour duration emergency* add suffix /EM3
Switch dimming add suffix /DIM
Photocell add suffix /PEC
Semi-recessed add suffix /SR
Blank ends add suffix /BE
For use with 110V ac/dc central battery systems add suffix /EV
240V changeover relay add suffix /ER
*Emergency option only avaliable on non-DALI version.

Please note the Quadrant now comes with Knock Outs for fixing and conduit holes and with no Besa Slots, the Gear Tray is also no longer secured with plastic thumb screws R00047. If you require a replacement gear tray and your fixings are thumb screws R00047, please ask for QuadRetro trays.