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Lighting in ancillary areas is designed to facilitate quick and accurate work safely, by creating a good visual environment.

Ancillary areas in custodial settings include plant rooms, workshops, visitor spaces, healthcare and canteens. Where prisoners are present the luminaires are still required to have high vandal resistance and ingress protection. Whilst also illuminating the space to the level suitable for the task being undertaken.

Ancillary area lighting should require very little maintenance, due to access issues. For example, the lighting solution specified for indoor recreational areas will often include high bay luminaires installed several
metres off the ground.

Technical Support

Specific lux levels in ancillary areas will be task / application dependant. It is important to remember to balance lux levels and light quality, whilst ensuring a space is not over illuminated which wastes energy.
Further energy savings can be made by employing lighting controls. Automated occupancy controls are especially valuable in areas that are not continuously occupied.

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