LED Compatibility Test

LED Compatibility tests are carried out to evaluate the suitability of materials such as gaskets, glues and silicones for use in luminaires at high temperatures.

LED Compatibility Test

Some materials contain chemicals that can be harmful to LEDs. With this test, materials are evaluated in close proximity to individual LEDs, and the results give the information necessary to decide if they are suitable for use in our products or not.

A small sample of the material is placed beside the LED and covered by a glass tube. The glass tube is sealed to the LED board with Artic Silver compound. After connecting the LED board to a compatible driver we put it inside the oven, with the driver outside.

After one week we inspect and evaluate the samples for any visual differences or changes to the LED’s appearance compared to adjacent LEDs. If any changes are observed this indicates that the material is not compatible or suitable for use with LEDs.

The samples are checked every week and if no differences are noticed we continue the test for 5 more weeks.

After 6 weeks, compliance is met if there are no visual changes to the individual LEDs.

Product testing is vital to ensure our luminaires remain up to our standard. To find out on other ways in which we test our luminaires, in our lab click below:

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