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Police stations and law courts need weather-resistant luminaires for the building exterior. Vandal-resistant, task-specific lighting for internal areas is essential. Such as booking desks, holding cells, interview rooms, and public spaces like courtrooms.

Hammersmith Police Station

High ingress protection ratings are crucial for external lighting to ensure durability and cost-effectiveness. Luminaires should have resistant paint finishes to prevent degradation. In areas with restricted sightlines, lighting must eliminate dark spaces.

Internally, lighting must meet specific tasks like breathalyser tests, fingerprinting, and searches. For more details, consult technical support.

Holding cells in police stations and law courts require vandal-resistant lighting due to unsupervised, potentially aggressive occupants. This lighting must endure extreme abuse, needing high IK ratings and tamper resistance. Designplan luminaires offer optimal efficiency and visual comfort. Lighting in adjacent areas should ensure a smooth transition between spaces, with controls to activate lighting only when necessary.

Emergency lighting will need to be specified in certain areas. In addition, easy maintenance and quick and simple LED upgrades are vital.

Technical Support

Specific technical and lighting requirements are set out in the Home Office Police Custody Suites Design Guide, standard number STD/Z/DG/078. Selected illumination levels should be in accordance with the criteria set out below.

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