Clarion G2 S12 luminaire is ideal for interior and exterior subsurface rail applications.
  • Designed in accordance with fire precautions for subsurface rail stations (Section 12).
  • Complies with London Underground subsurface standard S1085 utilising low smoke, zero halogen cables and control gear.
  • LED only fitting, providing uniform light distribution and an impressive light output of up to 110 lm/W.
  • Impact resistance rating: IK08 (5 joules of energy).
  • Comes with DALI driver as standard.
  • Ingress protection rating: IP65.

Technical Information

LED, Clear Diffuser Temp Load Lum/lm Efficacy CRI Weight HT
Ø128mm, H140mm – Medium Beam
CL1-G2-700W-M-MW-DA 3000K 7.3W 739 lm 102lm/W CRI>80 0.8kg HT40°
CL1-G2-950W-M-MW-DA 3000K 9.1W 952 lm 104lm/W CRI>80 0.8kg HT40°
CL1-G2-1100W-M-MW-DA 3000K 10.9W 1139 lm 105lm/W CRI>80 0.8kg HT40°
CL1-G2-750N-M-MW-DA 4000K 7.2W 774 lm 107lm/W CRI>80 0.8kg HT40°
CL1-G2-1000N-M-MW-DA 4000K 9.4W 1002 lm 110lm/W CRI>80 0.8kg HT40°
CL1-G2-1200N-M-MW-DA 4000K 10.8W 1201 lm 111lm/W CRI>80 0.8kg HT40°
Ø128mm, H140mm – Wide Beam
CL1-G2-700W-W-MW-DA 3000K 7.2W 720 lm 100lm/W CRI>80 0.8kg HT40°
CL1-G2-900W-W-MW-DA 3000K 9.1W 934 lm 102lm/W CRI>80 0.8kg HT40°
CL1-G2-1100W-W-MW-DA 3000K 10.9W 1124 lm 103lm/W CRI>80 0.8kg HT40°
CL1-G2-750N-W-MW-DA 4000K 7.3W 784 lm 108lm/W CRI>80 0.8kg HT40°
CL1-G2-1000N-W-MW-DA 4000K 9.2W 1011 lm 110lm/W CRI>80 0.8kg HT40°
CL1-G2-1200N-W-MW-DA 4000K 10.9W 1205 lm 111lm/W CRI>80 0.8kg HT40°

HT Applies for standard version. For any options please check with technical sales.

Clarion G2 contains a light source of energy efficiency class D.

Clarion G2 LED Lifetime L80B10>33,000h at 25oC ambient.

Clarion G2 Driver Lifetime up to 100,000h at 25oC ambient.

Fitting Options

Customer front fixing option add suffix -FF
For use with 110V ac/dc central battery systems add suffix -EV
240V changeover relay Call technical sales on +44 (0)20 8254 2022 to discuss your requirements.