Basilica anti-ligature luminaire is suitable for custodial and secure healthcare applications. 
  • Designed to meet the requirements of “Design in Mental Health Network’s (DiMHN) Testing Guidance for Products in Mental Health Facilities”
    rating LIG5-5/ES2 (ceiling mounted); LIG5-5 (wall mounted).
  • Contemporary design with no ligature points to help prevent self harming.
  • Designed to be disassembled and reinstated to ensure maintenance can be undertaken quickly and easily after anti-pick mastic application.
  • Uniform light distribution and impressive light output.
  • Ingress protection rating: IP66.
  • Impact resistance rating: IK20 (250 joules of energy).
  • Suitable for wall or ceiling mounting.
  • Smooth surfaces make cleaning easy to help maintain a bright welcoming environment.
  • Aluminium die-cast body finished in smooth white polyester powder coat.
  • Opal polycarbonate diffuser held in place with Resistorx tamper resistant screws.
  • Electronic control gear on removable tray with fused plug and socket connector block.
  • Provision for conduit entry in back.

For further information on our Anti-Ligature luminaires.

Technical Information


LED, Opal Diffuser Temp Load Lum/lm Efficacy CRI Weight HT
Ø350mm, H105mm
BA35/1000WW/XC31 3000K 8.3W 912 lm 110 lm/W CRI >80 2.8kg HT50°
BA35/1400WW/XC31 3000K 12.1W 1229 lm 101 lm/W CRI >80 2.8kg HT50°
BA35/1900WW/XC31 3000K 17.5W 1731lm 99 lm/W CRI >80 2.8kg HT50°
BA35/2400WW/XC31 3000K 21.1W 2018 lm 96 lm/W CRI >80 2.8kg HT40°
Emergency Output (1000/2400) 3000K 360 lm
Emergency Output (1400/1900) 3000K 437 lm
Night Light 3000K 125 lm
Ø455mm, H115mm
BA45/2200WW/XC31 3000K 17.7W 2037 lm 115 lm/W CRI >80 3.7kg HT40°
BA45/2800WW/XC31 3000K 24W 2711 lm 113 lm/W CRI >80 3.7kg HT40°
BA45/3400WW/XC31 3000K 30.3W 3265 lm 108 lm/W CRI >80 3.7kg HT40°
BA45/4000WW/XC31 3000K 35.8W 3753 lm 105 lm/W CRI >80 3.7kg HT40°
Emergency Output (2200/2800) 3000K 399 lm
Emergency Output (3400/4000) 3000K 542 lm
Night Light 3000K 141 lm

HT Applies to standard version. For any options (e.g.EM3) and to check additional applications please contact technical sales.

Basilica contains a light source of energy efficiency class C.

Basilica LED Lifetime L80B10>72,000h at 25oC ambient.

Basilica Driver Lifetime up to 100,000h at 25oC ambient.


Fitting Options

Smooth silver finish replace C31 with C45
Natural white LEDs (4000K) replace WW with NW
Smooth cream finish replace C31 with C44
Integral 3 hour duration emergency add suffix /EM3
Self test 3 hour duration emergency add suffix /EM3S
DALI 3 hour duration emergency add suffix /EM3D
DALI dimming/monitoring add suffix /DALI
Switch dimming add suffix /DIM
Night light add suffix /NL
Microwave sensor – Advanced add suffix /MWSA
Microwave sensor – Basic add suffix /MWSB
Corridor function add suffix /CF10
For use with 110V ac/dc central battery systems add suffix /EV
240V changeover relay add suffix /ER

CF10 will only work if combined with /MWSB or /MWSA, or an external presence detection sensor supplied by others If you require more than one fitting option for the 350mm fitting, please contact technical sales on +44 (0)20 8254 2022 or email

MWSA only available on BA35/1400… and BA35/1900… versions.

EM3D option not available on the 350mm Basilica BA35/1000WW/XC31 AND BA35/2400WW/XC31 (EM* + MWS* options NOT possible in these outputs).

DALI and MWS options cannot be combined.