Goniophotometer Test

Luminaires are tested using a near field type B Goniophotometer, to determine their luminous intensity and light distribution.


The fitting is mounted on the goniophotometer, heated up to normal operating temperature for 30min and then rotated in small incremental steps in 2 dimensions.

The equipment measures the near field intensity, captured by a special camera, called an imaging colorimeter, placed at a distance of 3.5m – 4m from the fitting. This results in a Radiant Source Model.

This model is used for simulation of the light source within an optical system, using an optical design program.

All measurements are collected using the NFMS (Near Field Measurement System) software.

The created NFMS file is then used in ProSource software to analyse the contained data. It then converts them from 2D to 3D and generate IES and LDT files. These files are used in lighting design software (Relux, Dialux) for lighting planning and design.

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