Community and Public Lighting

Good lighting can have a significant positive impact on our perception of safety, security, comfort and cleanliness which goes a long way towards guaranteeing equal access for all.

All around the world communities are faced with the rapid increase in the urban population.

Energy use and management has become a key sustainable development issue as we collectively aim to reduce our carbon footprint. The aim is energy efficient lighting that also provides safe, secure places to live and enjoy our leisure time in.

The way community and public applications are illuminated has changed accordingly.

At Designplan, proven methods of ensuring weather and vandal resistance have embraced new technologies to increase performance and reduce energy use and operating costs.

The 4Cs crucial for community and public lighting applications.

  • Cost of ownership
  • Controls
  • Construction
  • Carbon footprint

To find out more, download the community and public lighting brochure.


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