The Needle Flame Test

The Needle Flame Test is conducted on flammable insulating materials, which are used in our luminaires. This is to evaluate their resistance to flame and ignition. Our products are designed to withstand extreme temperatures. We design our luminaires with the use of combustible plastic materials.


The Needle Flame Test parts are subjected to the test described in the IEC 60695-11-5 standard. Applying the flame where the highest temperatures are likely to occur, in normal operations. Applying this for 10 seconds on the sample used.

If the test flame burning duration does not exceed 30 seconds after removal, then it is in compliance with the BS EN 60598-1 standard. Also, burning or molten droplets do not ignite a piece of tissue paper placed under the sample. As specified in standard IEC 60695-11-5.

Product testing is vital to ensure our luminaires remain up to our standard. To find out on other ways in which we test our luminaires, in our lab click below:

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