Anti-Ligature Tests

Our Anti-Ligature Tests are designed to prevent people from self-harming.

Anti-Ligature Tests

All of our Anti-Ligature Tests are conducted to ensure the durability and safety of our products for service users in custodial or secure health environments.

Test samples we use are strips of material or wires of various thicknesses are used to attempt to loop around the product.

Trying to insert various items into any gaps in the product. Types of items we attempt to use are:

  • Keys
  • Pieces of plastic cutley
  • Credit cards (used on their own or with other material – such as shoelace into gaps to create ligature anchor)

Should a potential anchor point be established, a test is performed to measure the angle and load that could be supported before the anchor releases.

All our products are tested to meet the electrical and safety requirements of BS EN 60598-1.

Luminaires are also tested for impact resistance up to 250 joules of energy (IK20 – see picture). As well as IP tested for water and dust ingress.

Anti-Ligature Product Testing

Product testing is vital to ensure our luminaires remain up to our standard. To find out on other ways in which we test our luminaires, in our lab click below:

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