Ticket Areas (Booking Hall)

Ticket Area lighting should be welcoming and with good uniformity in booking halls. Illumination in directly adjacent areas should be taken into account to create comfortable transitions between spaces.

Higher levels of vertical illuminance are particularly useful to ensure that signage, self-service ticket-areas, barriers, exits and displays are easy to recognise and use.

Recommended Products

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Recommended Products For Ticket Areas (Transport)



Quadratum G2 vandal resistant luminaires

Recessed sealed luminaire suitable for ceiling mounting.

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Terminus Surface vandal resistant luminaire

Cylindrical sealed weather and vandal resistant downlighter.

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Glare-free high bay fitting with different lumen packages, providing glare good free illumination.

Manufactured by Fagerhult Lighting.

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Stromma Robust vandal and weather-resistant IP65 rated modular lighting system

Robust vandal and weather-resistant IP65 rated modular lighting system offering continuous linear illumination.

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Flair Micro Slim linear lighting solution for accent

Slim linear lighting solution for accent, architectural and general illumination.

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DL86 vandal resistant luminaire

Architectural downlight for interior applications.

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Best Practice Advice

Uplighting The Space

High ceiling halls may benefit from some uplight. Highly compact LED luminaires can provide light on the upper structure, which helps to lighten and open up the visual impression of the space, although positions and visibility of display screens should be taken into account.

Lighting Controls

Where spaces have access to daylight, this should be maximised where possible, and lighting controls should be used to ensure that the lighting is energised only as required.

High Efficiency and Visual Comfort

Designplan luminaires are fit for use in tough environments. They also incorporate the latest optical designs for highest efficiency and optimum visual comfort. This is very important in areas like a booking hall where passengers may spend some considerable time.

Technical Support

RIS-7702-INS Iss1 Rail Industry Standard for Lighting at Stations refers to EN12464-1:2011 with ticket halls and concourse areas at 200 lux and ticket and luggage offices at 300 lux.

For more traditional high ceiling halls, in our experience, it is desirable to provide an element of uplight to the structure. Especially where traditional globe type products are replaced by LED based luminaires – which may provide more downward directional lighting.

Light on the upper structure helps to lighten and open up the visual impression of the space. In the past, this type of desirable feature highlighting may have been excluded due to energy efficiency concerns. However, modern, highly compact LED sources can be used to light these surfaces from close offset distances which can increase efficiency significantly.

For further lighting advice speak to our technical sales team on 020 8254 2022 or e-mail technicalsales@designplan.co.uk

Lighting Controls

Using a lighting control system can improve the quality of illumination as well as reduce energy consumption. Control systems allow the use of light in the required place, at the right time and in the optimum quantity. At Designplan we can provide control solutions for traditional switched applications and standalone luminaire operation, through to full networked systems utilising the DALI protocol.

PDF Lighting Guide

Our 40 page lighting guide identifies typical overground rail applications. We examine the benefits of robust construction and lighting controls to reduce your cost of ownership and carbon footprint. To download your copy click on the button below.

Why Choose Designplan?


  • Luminaires to be modular, replaceable & upgradeable for a 30 year + design life.
  • Fittings made efficiently from recyclable materials with a short supply chain.
  • Reduced light-spill minimises the impact on the environment and focuses light where it’s needed.


  • Lighting helps create a welcoming feel and highlights passenger information sources for speedy recognition.
  • Electronic displays rendered clearly with visual comfort maximised.
  • Upkeep can be simplified and reliable with remote monitoring helping to minimise downtime.


  • Good lighting allows quick recognition of signage and information displays.
  • Well-lit areas help alleviate congestion and improves accessibility.
  • Our lighting can enhance the use of CCTV and other security devices.


  • Installing luminaires that are designed to last demonstrates a long-term commitment to the care of assets on the network.
  • Established in 1963 we will continue to be a long-term partner to the rail industry.

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