General Circulation Spaces

General Circulation Spaces lighting should have good uniformity. Well-designed lighting and leading up to retail or refreshments units, must be warm and welcoming for effective wayfinding and to drive footfall.

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Recommended Products For General Circulation (Transport)




Glare-free high bay fitting with different lumen packages, providing glare good free illumination.

Manufactured by Fagerhult Lighting.

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Terminus Recessed weather and vandal resistant downlighter

Recessed weather and vandal resistant downlighter

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Terminus Surface S12 Cylindrical sealed weather and vandal resistant downlighter

Cylindrical sealed weather and vandal resistant downlighter.

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Flair vandal resistant luminaire

Robust vandal and weather resistant linear fitting for interior or exterior use.

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Clarion G2 S12

S12 specific downlight for interior and exterior applications.

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Duomo vandal resistant luminaire

Stylish and robust circular bulkhead.

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Best Practice Advice

Adjacent Areas

Illumination in directly adjacent areas, such as refreshment kiosks with outside seating, should be taken into account to create comfortable areas to relax and ensure easy transition between spaces.

Take Away Kiosks

In take away kiosks facing directly onto a circulation space, the counter and work area must be well illuminated. This ensures staff can work effectively and that items on display for purchase appears inviting to the customer.

Technical Support

The style of lighting will depend on the type of architecture in general circulation areas. RIS-7702-INS Iss1 Rail Industry Standard for Lighting at Stations refers to EN12464- 1:2011 with concourse / circulation areas requiring 200 lux.

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Lighting Controls

Using a lighting control system can improve the quality of illumination as well as reduce energy consumption. Control systems allow the use of light in the required place, at the right time and in the optimum quantity. At Designplan we can provide control solutions for traditional switched applications and standalone luminaire operation, through to full networked systems utilising the DALI protocol.

PDF Lighting Guide

Our 32 page lighting guide identifies typical overground rail applications, focusing on the principles of good lighting. We examine the benefits of robust construction and lighting controls to reduce your cost of ownership and carbon footprint. To download your copy click on the button below.

Why Choose Designplan?


  • Good lighting aids safe use of stairs and bridges.
  • Potential bottleneck areas can be used at full capacity.
  • Robust lighting resists damage and reduces downtime.
  • Aids accessibility.


  • Controls reduce energy consumption in response to daylight and occupancy.
  • Highest efficiency luminaires.
  • Minimised stray, wasted light.
  • Reduced light trespass and pollution.


  • Uniform lighting for safety, even when crowded.
  • Slip and trip hazards clearly illuminated.
  • Improved accessibility.


  • Robust luminaires essential for maximum operational life.
  • Minimised maintenance requirements.
  • Reduce costly downtime.

Transport Projects

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