HMP Berwyn

Wrexham, Wales

HMP Berwyn, the UK’s first 100% LED prison, is a 21st century rehabilitative establishment accommodating 2,106 category C men.

Every man works or is involved in vocational training, except those who are retired. Designplan’s Curve VR luminaire is installed in all 34 classrooms and the library. These reinforced ceiling mounted fittings provide a safe yet non-institutional feel to the development areas.

With a limited amount of time spent outside, natural light inside helps support human health and aids mental and visual stimulation. The education block is naturally bright, with daylight sensors used to control the level of artificial light. The luminaires remain unlit when natural light levels are adequate, also helping reduce energy and running costs.

HMP Berwyn Custodial Luminaire

Despite the progressive approach to rehabilitation, HMP Berwyn is still a prison with the men locked in their rooms 12 hours a day.

The Abrams AL luminaire is installed in all 1,350 rooms and en-suites. The anti-ligature design is ‘safer cell’ approved. This is to prevent self-harming, and the IK16 rating ensures the fitting can withstand a force of 150 joules.

Each room has its own control panel which allows light levels to be adjusted to low, medium, high and nightlight. Abrams AL‘s patented flame and puncture resistant diffuser, secured with tamperproof screws, prevents the luminaire being breached and used as a weapon.

linear light fitting in the main area of prison

On the association and landing areas, the robust IK16 rated Tuscan luminaire can resist extreme attack. The gradient top design also prevents the fitting being used as a place to conceal restricted items.

Our dedicated project management team assisted with design and product selection, managing deliveries on time and in full and providing a full after sales service. We supplied over 6000 luminaires, with nearly half the fittings in the rooms.

Designplan delivered a lighting solution to illuminate all aspects of HMP Berwyn, creating an environment which upholds the values of this pioneering prison.

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