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Technical Information

Ø300mm, H145mm
LED, Opal Diffuser Temp Load Lum/lm Efficacy CRI>80 Weight HT
QTM/1100NW/XC49 4000K 14.1W 1150 lm 82lm/W CRI>80 4KG HT50°
QTM/1400NW/XC49 4000K 18.3W 1503 lm 82lm/W CRI>80 4KG HT50°
QTM/1900NW/XC49 4000K 23.8W 1855 lm 78lm/W CRI>80 4KG HT50°
Emergency Output 4000K 403lm

HT Applies to standard version. For any options (e.g.EM3) please check with technical sales.

Quantum contains a light source of energy efficiency class D.

Quantum LED Lifetime L70B10>100,000h at 25oC ambient.

Quantum Driver Lifetime up to 100,000h at 25oC ambient.

Fitting Options


Matt silver finish replace C49 with C48
Matt white finish replace C49 with C46
Integral 3 hour duration emergency add suffix /EM3
Photocell add suffix /PEC
Semi recessed add suffix /SR
Side conduit entry(s)* add suffix /H or /HH
For use with 110V ac/dc central battery systems add suffix /EV
240V changeover relay add suffix /ER

*/H Please note this is on the left hand side.