Anti-ligature luminaires

Anti-ligature luminaires are designed to prevent people from self-harming.

Broadmoor Hospital, Berkshire, UK

Anti-ligature luminaires are mainly used where people are considered “at risk” such as in prison or a secure healthcare facility. There are generally no moving or protruding parts. Rounded or bevelled corners also prevent points where something can be attached. This means there is no ligature points or attachment areas that could enable a luminaire to be used for self-harming.

For example, in the UK “safer cell” prison applications require anti-ligature luminaires to be specified. The UK Ministry of Justice (MoJ) standards state that “the luminaires must be designed so as to reduce the potential for a prisoner to attach a ligature in order to attempt suicide”. We achieve this by minimising the aperture between the luminaire’s diffuser and body, using tamper proof screws and designing the body to be suitable for the application of anti-pick mastic during installation.

Construction of an anti-ligature luminaire – Basilica

anti-ligature luminaire- Basilica
  • Anti-pick mastic– this can be applied directly between the wall or ceiling and the luminaire body during installation.
  • Anti-ligature body – the Basilica has been designed to stop the diffuser being compromised or prised loose, and the sloped design of the body ensures no sharp edges that ligatures could grip onto.
  • Vandal resistant diffusers – our diffusers will resist extended periods of physical attack, reducing the risk of self-harm occurring. They also have high IP and IK ratings.
  • Integral removeable gear tray  –  this enables future technology upgrades.

Tamper-proof screws

Tamper-proof screws are designed in such a way that they cannot be removed or otherwise manipulated by an unauthorised person. They are mainly used in areas where there is a risk of someone dismantling a luminaire or part of the fitting. Only a suitable tool can undo these screws. We utilise resistorx tamper-proof screws in our anti-ligature luminaires.

Our anti-ligature luminaires

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