Communal Areas

Well-designed lighting in communal areas must be warm and welcoming and should encourage service users to socialise in a pleasant, attractive communal environment.

Recommended Products

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Recommended Products For Communal Areas (Secure Health)



Basilica tuneable white extrem robust luminaire

Contemporary and robust tuneable white bulkhead, to mimic our circadian rhythm, with no ligature points to help prevent self harming.

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Tuscan anti-ligature Extremely tough specialised fitting for in-cell applications

Specialised anti-ligature fitting, to prevent self harming, suitable for surface or recessed ceiling mounting.

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Simple to install recessed 600mm x 600mm anti-ligature luminaire. Security fixings recessed on side of front frame for a clean aesthetic whilst still allowing maintenance after anti-pick mastic has been applied.

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Best Practice Advice

Enhancing The Therapeutic Environment

Good lighting helps create an environment where service users can engage in social activities. These areas are often open plan, enhancing the therapeutic environment by creating a light and airy space at the heart of the unit.

The sitting room often has access to the garden courtyard area enabling lighting designers to mix natural and artificial light to create a comfortable, relaxing space.

Consistent Lighting

Sudden changes in illumination character can be disconcerting and disorientating. Light levels should be appropriate for the application with due attention paid to the consistency of lighting in the transition between areas.

Technical Support

Codes of practice will generally specify values of horizontal illuminance. However, careful and controlled vertical lighting can dramatically increase the perception that the space is brightly lit and welcoming, far beyond what horizontal illuminance alone can deliver.

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Lighting Controls

Using a lighting control system can improve the quality of illumination, as well as reduce energy consumption. Control systems allow the use of light in the required place, at the right time and in the optimum quantity. At Designplan we can provide control solutions for traditional switched applications and standalone luminaire operation, through to full networked systems utilising the DALI protocol.

Antibacterial Paint

We are pleased to announce that we now supply antibacterial paint to improve our customers infection control measures further still. Our optional antibacterial powder coatings reduce the growth of harmful bacteria on a painted luminaire surface used in a secure health facility.

PDF Lighting Guide

Our 24 page lighting guide identifies typical Secure Healthcare applications, focusing on the principles of good lighting. We examine the benefits of a robust construction, with service-user safety of paramount importance, standards compliance and specific design requirements including anti-ligature luminaires for “safer” environments. To download your copy click on the button below.

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